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Jul. 26th, 2006

I got successive unluckinesses during last a couple of months. :(
Mainly they are kinda small or middle problems with my health, but they are not really serious ones.
So please don't worry, I'm getting better now.
(I'll write about them later when I feel finer.)

But actually they made me kept away from internet for a while.
I couldn't, or I didn't feel like to use my PC for long hours lately.
I'm sorry for those who should have been replied from me earlyer.
I'll try to e-mail you back, maybe on this weekend.

It seems that one of the exclusive dolls for next Dolpa(Nagoya or/and Makuhari) is Sweet Dream Shou(SD13 boy, as you know).
A friend of mine told me so, she saw the informations on Volks' mobile web site.
Umm, sleeping Shou head...sounds nice.
If I would get one I would make it to be a girl by all means. :P
Visited Kyoto today, and met Aimee, AJ and Judy at Dolpa.
It was so fun to spend hours with those nice and sweet persons together~!
Moreover, there was a something VERY special, but I don't tell you about this now.
I expect that this miracle will be reported by Aimee or other two when they come back.

Well, seriously I need to learn speaking English.
I hope I could talk with them more, without difficlulties of different languages. :(
I may find an good English school where to study.

Anyway I feel too sleepy now.
Better to go to bed soon.


Quick photo of Shinku

My Shinku is here!
(Just a quick photo taken with my cellphone.)


Panda, Panda, and Panda!

I got a cold and am absence from my work today.
So that I didn't feel happy in bed with fever and sore throat, but this site made my day.
Awww, too cuuuuuuuuute! XD

Especially I love this Panda Wedding. *loves*


ABC - Taken from everyone

A - Accent: Umm, Japanenglish? - Anyway I don't speak english so often. On Japanese I have mixed accent(Nagoya+Gifu+Kansai).
B - Breakfast Item: Any kind of bread with cafe latte.
C - Chore you hate: cleaning!
D - Dad's Name: Yoshio
E - Essential everyday item: rice!
F - Flavour ice cream: rum raisin, chocolate mint, strawberry
G - Gold or Silver?: silver
H - Hometown: Kakamigahara, Gifu
I - Insomnia: no.
J - Job Title: system engineer
K - Kids: none, except 10+ resin kids
L - Living arrangements: with my family
M - Mom's birthplace: Kakamigahara, Gifu
N - Number of significant others you’ve ever had: 5
O - Overnight hospital stays: never
P - Phobia: height
Q - Queer?: no
R - Religious Affiliation: almost no religion.
S - Siblings: 1 younger sister
T - Time you wake up: 7 AM
U - Unnatural hair colours you've worn: never. I usually have black(natural) or dark warm brown(dyed) hair.
V - Vegetable you refuse to eat: I eat any vegetables once they are on my dishes, though I won't never buy cauliflower for cooking by myself.
W - Worst habit: biting nails or eating too much when I'm in stressful situation
X - X-rays you’ve had: dental
Y - Yummy: indian curry, chocolate cake, udon, takikomi-gohan(seasoned rice), Hamburg steak
Z - Zodiac sign: Cancer



I'm afraid that some of you don't like the idea of eating octopus.
So the contents of this entry is hidden under LJ cut.

Do you like tako?Collapse )

If you don't like to try octopus, you may find Takoyaki-like snack with different ingredients at some shops here, also.
My fav is ones with baby scallop +sweet corn + mayonnaise inside the ball. :P


lighting & momoko CCS 05AW

Thank you all for kind advice on my post about the lighting set.
After all, I determinded to get the set, and it arrived here yesterday. Yay!
On the same day, I received my new momoko(CCS 06AW Khaki) also, so that I tried the lighting set for taking photos of her.
Here is the result.

The lighting is so good and I'm satisfied with it.
At least, it works great on 1/6 sized dolls.
(I wonder whether it is enough for larger dolls or not...anyway I'll try to see it before long.)
Now I need to start learning more about photographing.

By the way I'm happy to have momoko CCS 05AW!
Last time I got "Koinu to Issho" momoko from Sekiguchi to get disapointed with her, and then I thought that I would not buy any more momoko.
But CCS 05AW, who is not from Sekiguchi but from PetWorks, is just my taste.
Now I clearly know that what I love is momoko from PetWorks.
If they would release more momoko in later, I may have them. But as long as from Sekiguchi, I won't purchase any momoko.

Kinako-mochi choco

A box of Kinako-mochi choco!
It's rather cheap sweets and usually sold for only 20yen per a peace separately, but while I LOVE it I bought them in bulk. XD
(45 pcs in a box!)

Kinako-mochi choco is chocolate with kinako flavor, and mochi-like gummy is in it.
It's a seasonal special item from Tirol-Choco co.ltd. and only available during winter.
It's so yummy! I love to have it with milk~.
Taking them home last night, my mom tried one for her first time, and immediately she felt in love with it and took 6 more pcs in succession. *grins*

kinako = flour of roastead soybean. It tastes like...umm, peanut butter with less fat?
It is often used for Japanese sweets like mochi and dango.

To buy or not to buy...

Lately I feel like that I need some good lighting for taking photos of dolls and small items like doll shoes.
Now I'm thinking of getting this set of professional lighting...I wonder whether it worth its price(about $340) or not.(It contains 1 lighting with 40cm x 40cm diffuser, 1 lighting stand, 1 arm for setting the lighting over the table.)
I know lighting is the important factor for good photoglaphing, but it's not all of the matters.
Compositioning, arrangement of items, editing etc. Other than lighting, there are a lot of skills I need to learn.
Should I save the money and try more "trials and errors", instead of spending money on the lighting with ease?
Or, will those lighting make my photos far better?

Heavy snow!

What a heck of snow it is?!
It has snowed for two days and the snow lie over 15cm deep here around...and it is still snowing.
The railroad schedule is in confusion and I'm afraid that I would be late for my work today. (^_^;